Lamborghini is doing its 60th right.

It was on May 6th, 1963, when the Lamborghini company was first officially established, and since then, 60 years have passed. In those six decades, Lamborghini quickly became one of the world’s greatest automotive names, and has been credited for laying out the blueprints for the modern supercar, and pushing forward automotive style, design, and luxury in ways that the entire industry is still affected and informed by to this day. With some of the world’s most celebrated supercars and even Super SUVs in its portfolio, Lamborghini has a lot to celebrate as it turns 60, which is why the brand has announced a busy calendar of events to ring in the anniversary.

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It all starts in Suzuka, Japan for the Lamborghini Day Japan - 60th Anniversary event. After that, the Fighting Bull brand goes to Silverstone in England on April 29th for an expected crowd of 300 Lamborghini owners at Lamborghini Day UK. On May 28, the 60° Anniversario Giro Tour will take place at Bologna’s main square, and a 60th Anniversary Giro event is also planned to take place in the U.S. this summer. In September, a 60th-Anniversary iteration of the Giro China event will be held, and in Italy, a classic-car-only 60th Anniversary Polo Storico Tour will take place. In Rome, the first Lamborghini Festival will be held in October at the Vallelunga Circuit, and at the same venue, Lamborghini will also hold the Grand Finals of the Super Trofeo Lamborghini. Throughout the year, Lamborghini clubs in 24 countries all over the world will represent the brand in its 60th Anniversary year, and together, they’ll make for a special year for one of the car industry’s most special names.

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