The futuristic resurgence of this performance cult classic is welcomed with open arms.

For decades, Wiesmann has been known by its fans as a manufacturer of sports cars that are amazing both to look at and to drive, that are inspired by classic cars in both their looks and their construction. After a long time away, the brand has returned with a new car, called Project Thunderball. According to the brand, the new Wiesmann is not only its first, but also the world’s first all-electric luxury roadster, and for its first year of production, it’s sold out. With prices for the beautiful machine starting above $320,000, enthusiasts were willing to spend on a car with gorgeous looks, classic sports car ethos, and futuristic technology.

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The Project Thunderball is an open-top two-seater with an immense 680 horsepower, 811 lb/ft of torque, and the ability to hit 60 mph from a standstill in a targeted 2.9 seconds. Wiesmann also is targeting a driving range of over 300 miles. For many car enthusiasts, the idea of combining the driving characteristics, silhouette, looks, and performance prowess of a classic sports car with the modern and even futuristic advents of electric power, especially in the way that Wiesmann has such a knack for, the Project Thunderball is the definition of a dream car, and the fact that it’s sold out with deliveries beginning in 2024 is proof.

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Source: Wiesmann