One of the best things YouTube has done for the car world over the last two decades is to provide access to often ultra-rare machines.

Take the McLaren Senna, for example. With just 500 units produced during its run, it’s a track-focused car most of us will never get to see in person. However, with a few taps and some swipes, we can enjoy hours of video content on it and just about any super or hypercar that seems out of reach otherwise.

Take The Hamilton Collection’s channel, for example. It focuses on showing the cars, modifications, buying/selling, and sometimes even crashes. That’s the case with the 2019 McLaren Senna that popped up at a Copart auction today. It’s the vehicle featured in the video above, and it received a nasty hit to its driver’s side door, severely damaging it and its carbon-fiber monocoque.


In a recent video, the Youtuber Steve Hamilton stated that due to the extensive monocoque damage and questionable long-term safety, even after a serious repair, he will let the car go. And so here we are today with Copart officially listing the car for an upcoming bid. It’s located in Chicago, IL, sitting in a warehouse without what’s left of the driver’s door.

If you’re itching to get a slightly mangled Senna, Hamilton estimated that a vehicle in this condition is still worth somewhere around $300,000. However, given the extensive repairs needed, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a well over seven-figure cost to get this track toy back on the road.

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