Bentley introduces a digital experience of its sumptuous flagship.

The new Bentley Bentayga EWB has an important responsibility within the brand’s lineup, and that is to serve as the brand’s flagship, its absolute pinnacle of luxury, technology, and ambition. This role was last played by the incredible Mulsanne sedan, but as tastes, manufacturers, and the industry as a whole change, Bentley has now entrusted the duties of the flagship model to its ever-popular Bentayga SUV. With extra length, thus extra space, the EWB Bentayga is roomier and allows space for incredible features like the Airline Seat and other amazing accommodations, and with a new mobile app, Bentley wants to share all of it with the digital world.

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Through the use of augmented reality, users of the Bentayga EWB AR app will be able to change the colors and configurations of the SUV, while getting an up-close look at the incredible features like the Airline Seat and Diamond Illumination, all at their fingertips. The augmented reality technology will allow users to switch at a moment’s notice between having the vehicle on a tabletop and experiencing it in a full-size, to-scale simulation. They’ll also be able to take it on a virtual test drive. For more detailed configuration, Bentley added a link to its configurator, where over 24 billion different specifications can be seen in total. With this new app, Bentley hopes that anyone can be early to experience its new Bentayga EWB flagship in its full glory.

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Source: Bentley