Push the boundaries of off-grid exploration with a fully independent expedition truck.

As LOKI Expedition continues to evolve off-grid personal travel with its series of bespoke builds, the innovative professional has decided to revisit its roots of fabricating shipping containers for its next project. LOKI’s Discovery Series focuses on converting everyday structures into functional ergonomic living spaces using the latest technology in energy conservation and vehicle management. The adventurous Habitat builds start with choosing from an extensive list of medium-duty truck chassis, whether it be a new truck customized by LOKI Expedition with all accessories or installed directly on a pre-owned vehicle.

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Scaling its fully-capable interior cabins on a spacious new level, the LOKI Habitat comes available in 15 and 20-foot configurations for those looking to live on the road for longer periods of time. Each build is assembled by LOKI Expedition’s passionate team using materials that are impervious to water, super strong, fire resistant, and lightweight. Travelers can expect a larger living space, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and storage when diving into all that the LOKI Expedition Habitat has to offer. The premium composite panels feature R15.5 - R17.4 insulation, maintaining a comfortable temperature no matter the season or the destination. Discover the new LOKI Expedition Habitat and the rest of the Discovery Series by clicking on the link below.

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