The Lamborghini V12 makes its finale… again.

Weeks remain until Lamborghini undergoes a radical transformation as a brand, ditching for the first time ever its “pure” naturally aspirated V12 engine in favor of a hybrid flagship which is just on the horizon. However, the incredible engine has spent around 60 years being the hero of Lamborghini’s most amazing cars, and its incredible contribution to the flagship cars of such an incredible brand is something that the automotive world’s Fighting Bull wants to very seriously make sure is not underestimated, which is the reason why the Aventador Ultimae was considered the production finale of the engine, the Essenza SCV12 was considered the track-only finale, and now, the new Lamborghini Invencible and Lamborghini Auténtica are together the one-off finale of the iconic Lamborghini V12.

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The Invencible is a coupe, and the Auténtica is a roadster, and only one of each will be made. Lamborghini Centro Stile left no holds barred while styling the cars, which is why the designs of both take Lamborghini’s signature design language to the max, and use plenty of inspiration from the brand’s other raucous creations. Inspiration from cars like the Essenza, Reventon, Veneno, and Sesto Elemento can be immediately seen, while the more ubiquitous brand symbols like hexagonal shapes are seen throughout, most prominently in the triple-hexagon taillights of both. The true finale of the incredible Lamborghini V12, both the Invencible coupe and the Auténtica roadster are equipped with the brands famous 6.5-liter V12 engine, producing nearly 770 horsepower and 531 lb/ft of torque. As this finale can’t be postponed any longer, Lamborghini had to make sure its very last “pure” V12 cars were truly memorable, and these two one-offs certainly are.

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Source: Lamborghini