Showcasing its talents as Mercedes latest and greatest hypercar marvel, the AMG ONE tackles a lap on the legendary track in great fashion.

While the car community continues to drool over memorizing images of the long-anticipated Mercedes-AMG ONE, we've yet to see its capabilities with an eager owner behind the wheel. After seeing it break The Nürburgring road-legal production car lap record, there's no surprise to say that the $2 million+ Mercedes-AMG will transform any willing driver into a professional in no time. With one of the most incredible collections of exclusive supercars and hypercars, top German automotive influencer GERCollector already has a step on all of us as he experiences insane performance of this caliber on a daily basis.

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In the GERCollector's newest upload to his YouTube channel, he takes the coveted Mercedes-AMG ONE out for an insanely quick lap on the starting portion of iconic Nürburgring GP race track. Channeling in the inner Forza Motorsports fan, the AMG ONE is fit with an Insta360 ONE RS camera to create the look of real life gameplay. The 1,000 horsepower uses its lightweight and nimble design to chase down a Magma Beam Orange Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series. Watch the GERCollector rip up the Nürburgring GP track in his Mercedes-AMG ONE by clicking above. View all current Mercedes-Benz models for sale on duPont REGISTRY by clicking on the link below.

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Source: GERCollector YouTube