This new electric Nissan shows that “electric” and “exciting” aren’t antonyms.

With a portfolio that includes some of the most exciting and celebrated Japanese performance icons to ever grace the automotive industry, Nissan surely knows how to make a car that is fun to drive and easy to enjoy. Whether it’s one of the many legendary GT-Rs or the iconic Z, Nissan is one of the most important contributors to putting Japanese performance on the worldwide map. Nissan’s future vision for sporty models is an exciting one, and with the reveal of its new Max-Out concept, that vision is an ambitious one.

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The radically-styled Max-Out concept is a two-seat roadster that combines retro-inspired and avant-garde visions of the future, and keeping in theme, Nissan says that the electric concept will focus on allowing its driver to “[be] one with the car.” In addition, the concept features an enhanced feeling of motion through its lights and visuals, as well as seating that dynamically morphs to allow for different cargo situations. With a past full of some of the world’s greatest performance cars, the Nissan Max-Out concept will hopefully be a taste of a future of the same.

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Source: Nissan