Ferrari is upping the ante on its flagship supercar.

While every Ferrari release is at the cutting edge of performance and engineering, the Prancing horse always seems to be able to take its cars even further, as we’ve seen for years in models like the 488 Pista, F12tdf, 812 Competizione, and numerous others before them. However, with the introduction of the incredible Ferrari SF90 Stradale, that task seems more daunting than ever before. An incredible supercar with a V8 engine and a hybrid system, the SF90 was able to eclipse even the storied LaFerrari and its amazing performance on the Fiorano Circuit.

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However, as it seems, Ferrari has even more up its sleeve as it relates to the SF90, with camouflaged examples of the car seen trotting about Ferrari’s headquarters, captured by YouTube channel Varryx. The latest spied SF90 is, unlike the others seen before, a fully camouflaged car with a body that looks distinguishably different than the original SF90 Stradale. With the original car’s mind-blowing performance, style, and luxury, there’s no telling just how amazing the amped-up version will be.

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Source: Varryx