Getting the inside scoop at Ferrari is as special as it sounds.

Being one of the most desired and legendary brands in the automotive industry, there’s nothing quite like being an important Ferrari client, and the Prancing Horse’s Special Sales program is exactly why. It was created in 2002 and made expressly for those who are passionate collectors of anything emblazoned with the simultaneously ubiquitous and exclusive Cavallino Rampante. The first exclusive vehicles that the Special Sales program purveyed were retired Ferrari Formula 1 race cars. After that came the track-only XX cars, special one-off vehicles, and most recently, something more exclusive and special than ever before: prototypes and test mules.

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Throughout the long and intense development process of Ferrari’s incredible cars, different test beds are used to fine-tune the different components of the car. It starts with “muletto” cars, cars that are based on existing Ferrari models used to test new driving components. After that, “mulotipo” cars have the drivetrains and powertrains of the new model, but the body of an existing model, allowing Ferrari to test the vehicle on public roads before the silhouette and design of the new car is revealed. After that “prototipos” are the final form of the car, often still camouflaged to keep secrets before the official reveal.

The opportunity to buy these incredible vehicles, prototypes of cars like the LaFerrari, SF90 Stradale, Monza SP1 and SP2, and F12tdf, all finished in a Matte Black that highlights their unfinished nature, is one of the closest looks at the inner-workings of the Ferrari brand that anyone can get, and while these test mules can’t be homologated for road use, they are a symbol of a deep and personal relationship between Ferrari and its incredibly passionate collectors, and just about the most ultra-rare, exclusive, and storied vehicles Ferrari can possibly offer.

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