Mercedes-Benz is ready to take the wheel.

While many strides have been made toward the innovation of autonomous driving, the process isn’t straightforward. As it stands, there are a wide range of road conditions, with and without traffic, and simply too many situations for autonomous driving to be fully practical as it is today. However, Mercedes-Benz is now announcing that it has made an incredibly significant stride in the progress of autonomous driving by being the world’s first manufacturer to have a certified level 3 SAE system in the United States Market.

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Mercedes-Benz’s DRIVE PILOT autonomous driving system has achieved this certification in the state of Nevada, where the system is authorized for use on public freeways, and in situations with high traffic density at speeds of up to 40 mph. In addition, the system is able to read, comprehend, and act in accordance to traffic signs, and take evasive measures in unexpected events. DRIVE PILOT uses the existing safety sensors included in many Mercedes-Benz models and adds to them LiDAR, extra cameras, and road wetness sensors in the wheel wells. It also includes redundant operating mechanics so that the system will still safely operate if one component fails. Should the system detect that the driver is unable to operate the vehicle due to falling ill or something similar, the vehicle will stop itself and call for help. For the 2024 model year, DRIVE PILOT will be available in the EQS and S-Class sedan, and it’ll change driving, transportation, and mobility as a whole.

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Source: Mercedes-Benz