As the brand with the four rings changes, even those rings aren’t excluded.

Audi is going through rapid and sweeping changes, and as the brand with the four rings, Audi even looked to those exact rings as a symbol of a refreshed future. As those rings undergo a revision, Audi designer André Georgi and brand strategist Frederik Kalisch talk about why this happened, and what it means for Audi’s future. The rings have been changed to completely omit the use of chrome. Now, the rings are featured a black-and-white look, with white rings on a black background.

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Georgi explains that the change was made because it represents the future of Audi’s aesthetic, which is the clean, modern, and restrained form of premium design. Opting for black and white instead of chrome represents the “new chrome” as it is still bright and high-quality like chrome is, but is more modern and refined. However, customers are also able to opt for dark rings instead. In addition, Kalish talks about how Audi’s corporate identity was revised in 2020, and the fact that now, lettering designating the model will be featured on the B-pillar of new Audis in high-gloss black. This change was made because Audi has seen its progressive and modern clientele move away from wanting prominent badging. As Audi’s products move into the future, so do the look and feel of its design.

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Source: Audi