Bugatti strives for excellence on all fronts.

The incredibly rare Bugatti Centodieci will only be made in 10 examples. However, despite its scarce numbers, Bugatti was still dedicated to ensuring its quality and putting it through as intense a round of testing as its cars that are made in much higher numbers. Responsible for this testing is Bugatti’s resident test driver Steve Jenny, who has driven over 217,000 miles in cars like the Veyron, Chiron, Divo, Centodieci, and even the one-off La Voiture Noire.

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Steve Jenny’s unparalleled experience behind the wheels of Bugattis is essential to making sure the rare and unique Centodieci behaves as a truly-crafted Bugatti should, and with its “EB110 Argent” paintwork, this Centodieci is first inspected for the quality of its finishes, from the body to the interior. It’s then taken around the countryside for over 180 miles, through a beautiful and scenic route in Alsace, determined according to the season and weather, including Alsatian villages, mountain passes, vineyards, and importantly the runway of a local airport, where the car is taken to its top speed to make sure that it remains stable and safe. After that, it's tested even more for further assurance. Every Bugatti, including the incredibly rare Centodieci, has to be deemed ready for delivery after Steve Jenny’s careful inspection and incredibly thorough testing program before it moves on to the next step before going to its new owner, and it’s that kind of refusal to cut any corners that gives Bugatti the reputation, prestige, and status it has today.

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