A rare event of motorsport legend took place at Lotus’s Hethel headquarters.

When it comes to racing history, Lotus has a lot to celebrate as the brand formed its roots in racing and celebrated amazing victories, especially with Emerson Fittipaldi, the Lotus Type 72, and their incredible victory in the 1972 Formula 1 Championship. That victory was 50 years ago, and to celebrate, Lotus created the Evija Fittipaldi, a stunning special edition of the Evjia that sports the Type 72’s black and gold livery, which went on to become a Lotus hallmark. The livery itself also celebrated its 50th anniversary this year.

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During a week at Hethel, it wasn’t just Fittipaldi that celebrated the Lotus Evija created in his honor, but also Formula 1 champion Jenson Button, who himself is a Lotus Evija customer. In addition, all 8 surviving Lotus Type 72s and their owners came from around the world to join the celebration as well. The Lotus Type 72’s racing legacy and the Evija’s title as the world’s most powerful production car make them both automotive icons, and both cars were able to show why they make history on Lotus’s Hethel test track. In this new chapter for Lotus, the brand’s rich history is more important than ever.

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