This supercar has a story to tell.

It’s just about unheard-of to find an Acura NSX for a price anywhere near as low as $29,000, but this lucky new owner of a 1995 Acura NSX, YouTuber PogiCars, managed to find one through Facebook Marketplace, but there is, of course, a twist. This particular NSX, while a well-maintained example, has traveled an incredible 400,000 miles. Owned formerly by a retired architect, its use for a daily commute to Los Angeles made for an average usage of 25,000 miles per year, and after 13 years of ownership, this car covered over 325,000 miles in the care of the architect, which is incredible for any car, but just about unfathomable for a classic and revered supercar like the NSX.

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While there is some damage from minor collisions, the car has been incredibly well-maintained, and features beautiful paintwork, leather interior, and aftermarket BBS wheels. The owner plans on making it a project car, and has already sought out modifications to install, promising future content on this unusual find. Regardless of the minor damage that the vehicle has incurred, the NSX still shines as one of the automotive world’s greatest masterpieces, and finding one at an unprecedented bargain price of $29,000 is special, and the high mileage is truly something to marvel at, especially in the supercar world.

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Source: YouTube/PogiCars