Ferrari’s important racing return is closer than ever.

It was nearly 50 years ago in 1973 when Ferrari retired from top-class endurance racing, ending a legendary presence at one of the racing world’s most hallowed stages: Le Mans. However, the upcoming endurance racing season is more anticipated than ever, because Ferrari plans on bringing a new car to top-class endurance racing, the new Ferrari 499P.

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The car has been in development for some time now, as only months remain before the racing season begins, but now the livery of the new racing machine has finally been unveiled. Unlike many of the LMDh cars that we have seen unveiled, Ferrari's new LMH car was designed from the ground up completely by Ferrari, as for LMDh cars, the FIA required manufacturers to work with chassis suppliers. With a hybrid powertrain featuring a mid-rear mounted engine and an electric motor powering the front wheels, Ferrari’s racing legacy will enter a whole new chapter next year starring the 499P, and the brand hopes to recapture the splendor, success, and legend of its racing glory days at Le Mans and throughout the endurance racing world.

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Source: Ferrari