As the Bugatti brand prepares to be transformed, it also expands beyond hypercars.

Bugatti is going through a major transition as a brand, as with the reveal of the W16 Mistral, Bugatti announced that it would be officially retiring the incredible 8-liter, quad-turbocharged W16 engine that made its hypercars so incredible for the past two decades and Bugatti’s entire modern era. In the meantime, while we wait for Bugatti to unveil the hypercar that heralds its new era, it has brought its brand to a new level by expanding it with an incredible range of lifestyle products introduced over the last year.

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All showing off the history of Bugatti, which spans over a century, as well as the brand’s incredible design, engineering, and exquisite luxury, these new lifestyle products showed a diverse range of places where the Bugatti name could shine, like watches, beverages, art, and more. By partnering with brands of similar stature in their spaces as Bugatti is in the automotive world, like Asprey, Jacob & Co., and Champagne Carbon, Bugatti’s lifestyle products were able to successfully translate the automotive Business’s level of luxury and exclusivity to new areas. With these expansions, Bugatti fans can enjoy the Bugatti experience without needing to be behind the wheel of one of its groundbreaking hypercars.

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