With plans to add 15 more cars in the next three years, The Hamilton Collections maintenance bill is sure to get even bigger.

Making the transition into supercar ownership doesn’t stop at the price tag, but instead long after throughout its lifespan of modifications and regular maintenance. Although all new vehicles come with a cushioning warranty and maintenance plan, any out-of-pocket repairs on an exotic car can add to your annual spending. In The Hamilton Collection’s newest YouTube video, Steve and Tommy review all the money spent on repairs, modifications, insurance, and gas for the entire $30 million car collection in 2022. From the famous Keith Urban Pagani Huayra to an LS V8-powered Cadillac Limousine, some of the year’s biggest spends will truly surprise the community of passionate fans.

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Of all the high-horsepower performance cars, Steve Hamilton’s R35 Nissan GT-R takes the cake with a modification bill totaling an astonishing $215,000. While the Bugatti Chiron, Ferrari LaFerrari, and Porsche 918 Spyder all remain under factory warranty, the most surprisingly cheap supercar to maintain is the Ford GT’s $782 yearly oil service. Overall, The Hamilton Collection spent an additional $6,745 on gas, $42,000 on wheels and tires, $40,000 on PPF and wraps, $27,800 on insurance, and $15,000 on details, totaling an astonishing $800,000+ for 2022. Watch The Hamilton Collection break down the cost of each supercar and hypercar’s maintenance by clicking on the video above.

Source: The Hamilton Collection