Porsche solves one of the biggest drawbacks to owning one of its classics.

It’s hard not to love Porsche. With its long history of excellent cars that boast luxury, performance, and timeless design, there’s a reason to love just about every car the brand has ever made, which is why Porsche Classic is dedicated to making it as easy, enjoyable, and practical as possible to own a past Porsche, and with the announcement of new Porsche Classic Communication Management devices, one of the biggest drawbacks of owning a classic is able to be easily and seamlessly solved.

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With modern infotainment systems and especially the advents of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, current vehicles are able to seamlessly integrate with our everyday technology and make driving easier. While many older cars lack these modern features in their systems, retrofitting an aftermarket modern system can be difficult, tedious, and disrupt the original look of the vehicle. Porsche Classic Communication Management devices solve this problem by offering a new genuine Porsche head unit that blends seamlessly into the original dashboard for an expanding range of models, like the early Boxster, first-generation Cayenne, and 997-generation 911.

These new systems, the PPCM and PCCM Plus, offer modern infotainment that integrates seamlessly with existing speakers, antennas, et cetera, and, in the case of the PCCM Plus, is even compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Porsche dealers sell the PCCM Plus system for $1475.99. Porsche recommends installation at a Porsche Classic Partner or qualified Porsche dealer. For many classic car owners, the sacrifice of inconvenience is made to experience a timelessly enjoyable car, but with Porsche Classic, it gets even better, because that inconvenience is gone.

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