We knew Audi was entering Formula 1, but now we know how.

Audi has already achieved an incredible legacy and success in the motorsport world. Now, the brand is looking to prove itself in what is arguably the most notorious arena in racing: Formula 1. Audi has already announced its plans to partake in the intense series, and now the brand is announcing that it will enter Formula 1 by selecting the storied Swiss racing team Sauber as a strategic partner.

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In doing so, Audi plans to acquire a stake in the Sauber Group. From 2026 onwards, what is now the Sauber racing team will compete as Audi’s factory team. The Audi power unit for the race car is being developed and will be manufactured at Audi’s Neuberg facility, while the rest of the car will be developed and manufactured in Switzerland by Sauber, who will also be responsible for racing operations. Audi and Sauber’s history includes the use of Sauber’s world-class wind tunnel in developing Audi’s famously successful Le Mans cars.

Audi is entering the racing series at an important and deliberate time, as 2026 is when Formula 1 plans to make a significant turning point toward sustainability. As Audi’s entire brand is making a similar shift, Audi and Formula 1 are looking forward to innovating for sustainability and efficiency simultaneously. Sustainable and CO2-neutral fuel will power the F1 engines of 2026, and the entire series plans on being carbon-neutral by 2030.

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