E.C.D. Automotive Design revives another great classic.

Known for its unique and detailed Land Rover restorations, E.C.D Automotive Design takes Land Rover Defenders, as well as early Land Rover Range Rovers, and brings them back to life as modernized machines that retain their classic charm and also keep up with the best and brightest of today’s automotive industry. Now, the company’s talents have evolved to suit a new type of classic and one of the most beloved cars ever made: the Jaguar E-type.

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The 60s grand tourer has cemented itself as one of the world’s greatest automotive legends with its performance and stunning styling, and now E.C.D. is ready to begin bringing the glory of the E-type to the 21st century. The process is highly personalized, with customers able to choose between a Series 2 or Series 3 car as well as between a Roadster and a Coupe. Then, E.C.D. offers multiple powertrain options, like a GM LT1 V8, as well as a Tesla-derived electric conversion to not only modernize your classic Jaguar E-type but also futurize it. For purists who want a truer E-type experience, customers can also opt for the 4.2-liter inline engine from the Series 2 or the V12 engine from the Series 3. Once colors and finishes are selected, and the finished car is 3D-modeled, E.C.D. searches for the perfect base car and brings it to the company’s Rover Dome for an 18-month restoration process. The first finished car will be completed as soon as Spring or Summer 2023, and E.C.D. says that it projects having the ability to complete as many as 12 E-type restorations each year.

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Source: E.C.D. Automotive Design