At CES 2023 in Las Vegas, a new flying car takes off.

The concept of “flying cars” has been something that we as a society have come to associate with science-fiction depictions of the future after decades, and with that, the implementation of flying cars in our society, when it does happen, will likely be for many the line of demarcation between the era we live in now, and the next chapter of humanity. For years, designs, concepts, and dreams have been at the forefront, but flying cars are still yet to be a part of our everyday world. Aska, a startup founded in 2018, has finally revealed its A5 prototype, a vehicle that hopes to have drivers who can drive, fly, and drive again, all in one seamless, effortless sitting.

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The functional, full-scale A5 prototype debuted at CES 2023 in Las Vegas, intriguing audiences with its futuristic approach to personal transportation. Aska says that it will be capable of both VTOL and STOL, with a flying range of 250 miles and a flying top speed of 150 mph, it has the potential to radically change the way the world commutes. In addition, ASKA is seeking for the A5 to have highway certification and be capable of a driving speed of 70 mph. With the interior space of a large SUV and seating for up to four, the A5 plans to be convenient like no vehicle has been before on the road or in the sky, and the manufacturer has a goal of commercializing the prototype in 2026, which means the future, the real future, might be sooner than we think.

Source: Aska