Despite tough circumstances, Lamborghini puts a record year in the books.

The lasting effects of the pandemic have plagued nearly every company in the world and inhibited their ability to grow. However, some companies, Lamborghini included, were still able to grow and achieve unprecedented success. In 2022, Lamborghini managed to come away with one of its best financial years on record, eclipsing 9,000 cars delivered to reach 9,233, which represents an increase of 10% compared to last year’s figure. In addition, that increase in deliveries wasn’t thanks to just one region’s success: deliveries were up 7% in the Europe, Middle East, and Africa region at 3,484 cars, up 10% in America at 3,188, and up 14% in Asia at 2,561. These numbers all represent the best-ever delivery numbers for each region.

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With the wind at its back, Lamborghini looks forward this year to introducing the start of a radically new lineup, with hybrid cars coming soon in accordance with the brand’s Direzione Cor Tauri program. The ambitious strategic plan involves Lamborghini’s highest-ever investment at over $1.9 billion, as the Fighting Bull brand moves from combustion engines to hybrids, and eventually to fully-electric vehicles. The foundation has already been laid for this change to begin, with the legendary Aventador having said its final goodbye to the automotive world, and the V10-powered Huracan, after the introduction of the Huracan Tecnica and Huracan Sterrato off-road model, to surely follow soon. The popular Urus Super SUV has evolved, with the introduction of the Urus Performante and Urus S, and with 2023 ahead, all of Lamborghini’s new and upcoming models are sure to continue the brand’s amazing success.

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Source: Lamborghini