Bentley’s new flagship is now ready to fly.

Since the Mulsanne left the brand’s lineup and ended a very long era for Bentley, the luxury brand felt a void without the presence of an ultimate offering on the Mulsanne's level. However, since the Mulsanne’s departure, automotive luxury has changed somewhat. The luxury SUV has become a preference for many customers, and when it came time for Bentley to create something that served the Mulsanne’s purpose as the brand’s most luxurious offering, it looked to its own Bentayga as a starting point.

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Thus came the Bentley Bentayga Extended Wheelbase, a stretched Bentayga with Bentley’s best rear-seat pampering yet. With it, Bentley also introduced the Airline Seat option, a rear seat with unprecedented levels of adjustment and climate control, as well as Diamond Illumination in the doors for Bentley’s most personalized and luxurious riding and driving experience. The new model is ready for production, and customers who have ordered their Bentayga EWBs will soon be able to experience the new pinnacle of the Bentley brand.

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Source: Bentley