Seven down, three to go.

The incredible new Bugatti Centodieci only has 10 examples, and the level of craftsmanship exhibited by the car is in the highest echelon the automotive industry has ever seen. Bugatti spent an incredible amount of time creating the car, putting int through intense and rigorous testing despite such small production numbers, and giving it the iconic square quilting pattern in the interior seen in the EB110 that it pays homage to. The sixth and seventh examples of the Centodieci have been delivered to Bugatti Dusseldorf to be collected soon by their new owners.

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The two cars are finished in a classic white, with an interior that matches the exterior with a black and white color scheme. Not only do these cars boast incomparable rarity, but they are also incredibly powerful, luxurious, and stylish with a combination of references to the EB110, the trappings of Bugatti’s signature style, and a futuristic look that hopefully will preview the Bugatti brand of the future.

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Source: Instagram/Bugatti