This quirky BMW concept promises to be both car and companion.

It’s called the i Vision Dee, and its fun, easygoing-sounding name is actually an acronym, standing for Digital Emotional Experience. Unveiled today at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the small sedan concept first shows off the versatility of BMW’s iconic design language. Minimalistically shaped and boxy, the simplistic design, featuring a kidney grille that spans the width of the front and blends into the headlights, serves as a sort of canvas for the car’s bright colors. These bright colors use a more advanced version of the E Ink technology introduced on BMW’s earlier iX Flow Concept, which allows the car to change between 32 colors in seemingly limitless patterns, while the iX Flow was able to change between black and white.

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The i Vision Dee’s advanced technology revolves around a head-up display that spans the entire width of the dashboard, using a new Mixed Reality Slider to customize displays of an unprecedented amount of content and information. With dimmable windows, this head-up display even allows for the use of virtual reality. The Advanced Head-Up Display is a technology that BMW promises will be offered on its “Neue Klasse” models from 2025 onwards. Where the car becomes a companion is in its advanced communication systems, with the ability to make “facial expressions” and use voice and avatars to express itself between human and machine. With this new technology, BMW hopes to make driving more fun, more safe, and more personal.

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Source: BMW