With 2022 in the books, Audi is optimistic about the electric future.

With Audi’s lineup of e-tron all-electric vehicles, the four-ringed brand has been one of the automotive industry’s most aggressive when it comes to making the transition toward electrification. With 2022 coming to a close, Audi’s end-of-year results show that its move toward electrification has been well received, as in the last year, electric vehicle sales increased year-over-year by an incredible 47 percent, marking double-digit percentage growth for year-over-year EV sales for the third year in a row. In general, fourth-quarter sales increased year-over-year by 63 percent as well.

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In the future, Audi looks forward to further expanding its all-electric lineup, with the goal of having a U.S. model lineup that is 30 percent electrified by 2025. With Audi’s newest all-electric models, the Q4 e-tron and Q4 Sportback e-tron, showing impressive growth and popularity in sales, the introduction of new all-electric Audis, including the reintroduction of the e-tron SUV as the Q8 e-tron, is what Audi plans to do to not only continue but increase its existing success. With electric vehicles as a prominent focus, Audi is fully charged for its bright future.

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Source: Audi