Presented by Emerald Luxury Coaches.

Emerald Luxury Coaches is CEO John Walker’s vision of an intentionally built Prevost Luxury Coach. The Emerald Coach is designed with an emphasis on unique owner experience. From its efficiency to simple technology controls, paired with an abundance of storage, every detail is taken into careful consideration.

At Emerald, we have been building luxury for over 20 years, step into one of our coaches and you’ll understand… it’s more of a feeling than a description, an elevated lifestyle experience not just a motorcoach.

Designs Meet Your Lifestyle

Every component is mounted with real-life situations in mind so that you can get back to your ‘luxury normal’ quickly. You will notice the finer details that support every structure, like a well-oiled machine, those parts were put there to do one thing and do it well so that it lasts year after year.

Our Services

Emerald Luxury Coaches are built on the legendary Prevost chassis and body structure. Emerald only uses the best of the best. When it comes to quality control, attention to detail, safety, and beauty, there are no exceptions for Emerald. We put our focus on giving our customers the most enjoyable experience on and off the road. Emerald is constantly striving to improve and grow, which keeps us at the forefront of the Prevost Conversion industry. When purchasing an Emerald you can be confident in driving a handcrafted luxury motorcoach built unlike any other.

The Process

We start with the legendary Prevost chassis and body shell. Each motorcoach built ends in a state-of-the-art 100,000 square foot facility; designed and built exclusively for Emerald production.

The Authorized Emerald Dealerships comprise some of the most experienced and well-resourced motorcoach facilities in the country. They are committed to providing elevated levels of service and individualized care that match the exacting standards of the Emerald brand.

Our Dedication to You

First, each Emerald owner gets a dedicated IT professional that is on-call 24-7 to answer every question (no matter how large or small) so that you feel confident while on the road or in your driveway of how your luxury motorcoach functions and operates.

Second, when the time arises that service is needed, we do it with more than 175 Prevost-trained and certified service providers throughout the United States and Canada who are ready to serve you.

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