"Now that is a Cadillac."

A production car on the level of the CELESTIQ is something that Cadillac hasn’t had on its hands in quite some time. With a price tag above $300,000, a special manufacturing site for artisans to hand-build the car, and a bespoke design process for each example, it’s quite the ambitious project that seeks to revive the legendary glory days of the Cadillac brand.

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With the reveal of the car, Cadillac is partnering with musician Lenny Kravitz. In a new video released by Cadillac, Lenny Kravitz tells the story of how his grandfather preferred Cadillacs, and how he respected the gravitas of the Cadillac brand growing up. He also talks about how excited he is to see his aesthetic visions materialized through the Cadillac CELESTIQ, and that the car presents a desirable opportunity for him as he has always wanted to design a car. For Kravitz, and every CELESTIQ owner, this is the start of an exciting future that blends future technology with timelessly respected craftsmanship and luxury.

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Source: YouTube/Cadillac