The aircraft sets the standard in safety and human-machine interface technology

Operating under the constant pursuit of innovation, the Honda Aircraft Company continues to evolve private air travel with advancements in performance and comfort. Proud to announce the newest addition to its fleet, the all-new HondaJet Elite II made its grand debut at the 2022 National Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition. The HondaJet Elite II takes the title of the fastest, highest, and furthest flying aircraft in its class, with new upgrades that ensure safety and security at all times. The Honda Aircraft Company is also excited to introduce automation technologies that will separate the HondaJet Elite II from all other charter planes on the market. The all-new HondaJet Elite II is currently available for configuration through the Honda Aircraft Company, with a starting price of $6,950,000.

Honda Aircraft Company/HondaJet

What's new about the HondaJet Elite II's design?

The styling features of the HondaJet Elite II include a stealth-like Black Edition design, further differentiating the ramp appeal of the aircraft. The entire aircraft presents a Black Sable exterior base finish with Honda Red accents, offering a new corporate scheme design unlike any other in its class. The addition of ground spoilers completes the performance upgrades, optimizing takeoff and landing field performance.

Honda Aircraft Company/HondaJet

What's it like inside the cabin?

The HondaJet Elite II features a fully redesigned cabin and the introduction of two new interior design options, which come available in Onyx and Steel. The cabin redesign led to a modern luxury of flight experience with an approach to comfort that includes a nose-to-tail acoustic treatment, creating a tranquil space for both passengers and pilots.

Honda Aircraft Company/HondaJet

How about new performance and safety upgrades?

Performance comes in the form of a unique over-the-wing engine mount configuration, powering the HondaJet Elite II with GE Honda Aero Engines HF120. Maximizing its fuselage space for unparalleled efficiency, the range of the jet is increased to take on journeys up to 1,547 nautical miles. Honda Aircraft Company is proud to equip the HondaJet Elite II with autonomous features like Autothrottle and Emergency Autoland, two milestone advancements that will be in full force by the end of 2023.

Source: Honda Aircraft Company