This new Cadillac represents the brand’s glorious past and stunning future.

Introduced earlier this year as a show car, the Cadillac CELESTIQ looked incredibly ambitious and avant-garde, but nevertheless, Cadillac decided to bring it to life as a production model, and the new all-electric model will serve as the brand’s ultra-luxury flagship model, carrying the long legacy of models like the V16 Aerodynamic Coupe and Eldorado Brougham.

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What makes this the most technologically-advanced Cadillac ever?

The new Cadillac CELESTIQ has an Ultium-based electric powertrain that gives the new car an estimated 600 horsepower and 604 lb/ft of torque, as well as a 0-60 time of just 3.8 seconds, an incredibly quick number for the large luxury sedan. Driving dynamics are incredibly advanced to give the large vehicle the driving characteristics of something much smaller, with things like Adaptive Air Suspension, Active Rear Steering, Magnetic Ride Control, dual-motor all-wheel drive, Active Roll Control, tires created just for the CELESTIQ and more. Cadillac says that with its 200 kW DC fast charging system, the CELESTIQ can add 78 miles of range in as little as 10 minutes at a public DC fast charging station, with a total estimated range of 300 miles on a full charge.

Why is the Cadillac CELESTIQ going to cost over $300,000?

Even for a Cadillac, the CELESTIQ is slated to be quite expensive, but that’s because Cadillac has promised a true flagship model with the car, one that harkens back to the glory days of the brand that featured absolutely uncompromised luxury and truly stunning vehicles. $81 million was invested into the General Motors Global Technical Center in Warren, Michigan, where the new production CELESTIQ will be manufactured for the first time in the site’s 66-year history. The CELESTIQ’s “Artisan Center” is a high-security “clean room” where only those building the car can enter and only six cars can be made at a time.

Each Cadillac CELESTIQ will be bespoke, and no two will be identical. Working with the dealer and with Cadillac’s design team through a design consultation process, clients will be able to personalize their CELESTIQ at a level that has never been seen before.

What features make the Cadillac CELESTIQ “ultra-luxury?”

The new Cadillac CELESTIQ goes far beyond most traditional definitions of automotive luxury, with features that will impress anyone, onlookers, drivers, and passengers alike. The unorthodox design features a fastback profile and massive 23-inch wheels, and the striking exterior is just a small taste of what the car has to offer. Entering the car, which happens without door handles, instead opting for power-opening and power-closing doors with the press of a button continues to tell an incredible story.

One of the most dazzling features in the interior of the new Cadillac CELESTIQ is the new Fixed Smart Glass Roof, which features four separate zones to that each passenger can customize the amount of natural light let into their section of the interior. Combined with multi-color ambient lighting, this creates a highly personal experience for everyone in the car. While sleek and modern, the interior remains comfortable and sumptuous, with high-quality, handcrafted materials. The interior boasts 5 screens, one being 55 inches diagonally, and two being 12.6-inch screens for each rear passenger. Each passenger will have access to a world-class, highly advanced Gentherm ClimateSense climate control system, and the CELESTIQ will be the first vehicle to feature it. A 38-speaker interior sound system completes the luxury experience but paired with Active Road Noise Cancellation, and painstaking engineering for noise reduction, the silence of the CELESTIQ is also golden. Entering production this December, the new Cadillac CELESTIQ is ready to drive Cadillac into one of its most glorious chapters yet.

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