The little red Lamborghini Gallardo finally met its match with MrBeast and his hydraulic press.

Establishing the largest online presence in YouTube history, MrBeast continues to entertain his 121 million fans with videos giving away huge cash prizes, houses, and even the occasional Italian supercar. In his newly released video, the 24-year-old influencer is testing stunts and scenarios unseen ever before. Along with trying to jump 12 buses in a jet-powered car, the most gut-wrenching experiment showcases a red Lamborghini Gallardo and an industrial-strength hydraulic press.

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MrBeast places the six-figure Lamborghini Gallardo on the platform and sets out on his goal of completely flattening it to the ground. While the pressure of the hydraulic press collapses the Gallardo to the point of its wheels falling off, the experiment falls short of completely flattening the car into a pancake. Instead of deeming the test a failure, MrBeast and his team decide to destroy the Lamborghini Gallardo by blowing it up in a fiery explosion. Watch MrBeast tackle his list of never-seen-before experiments by clicking on the video above. View all current Lamborghini Gallardo examples for sale on duPont REGISTRY by clicking on the link below.

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Source: MrBeast YouTube