The performance potential of the Ford GT is unthinkable.

With the new track-only Ford GT MkIV, car enthusiasts around the world are bidding the legendary modern performance hero a very sad goodbye. While we know that the performance of the current Ford GT will remain impressive for a very long time, the Ford GT of the 2000s has shown that when it comes to the performance potential of the machine, it’s certainly not to be counted out. Johnny Bohmer, owner and driver of the 2006 Ford GT “BADD GT,” took to Space Florida’s Launch and Landing Facility located at Kennedy Space Center in Florida to show just how much it was able to do. Owned by Bohmer since 2006, this incredible top-speed run completes a 16-year-long quest to create the ultimate street-legal performance car.

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Spoiler alert: The entirely street-legal Ford GT managed to achieve a top speed of over 310 mph, and with that record confirmed, it’s the world’s fastest street-legal car. The record was confirmed by a RaceLogic VBox Performance Box Touch, as well as multiple Garmin Ultra 30 cameras, as well as the FuelTech ECU and Racepak. Watching this incredible record being set is proof that while the Ford GT model might be leaving the assembly line soon, its long legacy in the world of performance and history of success will continue, and the incredible supercar will remain a very impressive machine for years to come.

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Source: YouTube/Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds