Alpine’s future is starting now.

With iconic racing heritage and performance cars loved by many around the world, Alpine has built quite the resume for itself, and with the new Alpenglow concept car from the brand, Alpine is ready to show off its future technology, design, and approach to performance. The brand says that the Alpenglow goes beyond simply being a concept car, and is also a symbol of the brand’s future direction as a whole. Elements seen in the Alpenglow concept will inform the creation of Alpine race cars and roadgoing models going forward.

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An important aspect of Alpine’s future vision seen in the Alpenglow is that of sustainability, and that comes in the form of hydrogen power technology. While different from the more popular battery electric technology we are seeing many manufacturers opt for, hydrogen power, fittingly for a brand named Alpine, is known for its ability to perform in colder climates. With the new Alpenglow concept, Alpine is rushing into the future, but bringing its long history with it.

Source: Alpine