The passion for the air-cooled 911 only grows stronger.

Decades have passed since Porsche made the then-controversial switch, transitioning the Porsche 911 from using an air-cooled engine to a water-cooled one instead. However, as the years have gone by, rather than move on from the air-cooled Porsche 911, fans have only let their love for it grow stronger, which is why the Luftgekühlt event, literally translating to “air-cooled” from German, retains such strong attendance. The event celebrated its eighth iteration this past weekend. Founded in Los Angeles by Porsche factory driver Patrick Long, Jeff Zwart, and Howie Idelson, Luftgekühlt 8 was a homecoming for the event, set among 1940s-built warehouses in its hometown.

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Southern California Porsche fans showed strength in numbers, despite a canceled 2020 event and a downsized 2021 event, and some of the most incredible vintage air-cooled Porsches were on display, like a 1956 550A Spyder, a 934/5 by Canepa, and several 70s Carrera RS examples. Fittingly, Porsche Classic made an appearance, with a bare Porsche 356 chassis as part of its display. Owners who want to restore their vintage Porsches were able to see the parts and service offerings Porsche Classic had in its portfolio, as well. With Porsche being one of the most iconic and loved brands in the automotive world, it’s quite unsurprising that the brand’s most iconic creations get so much love.

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