Apollo is moving forward with electrifying new developments.

Known for its Intensa Emozione hypercar, Apollo is familiar with pushing boundaries in the automotive world. However, with its Apollo Future Mobility Group, the brand is planning to push boundaries in an entirely new direction, with a new engineering prototype that plans to bring the performance-oriented Apollo hypercar DNA to electric mobility. The rolling prototype, named the G2J, is currently in a global testing program, and its name comes from the fact that it uses engineering and powertrain expertise derived from both Germany and Japan.

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The testing that the prototype is undergoing is to refine the powertrain, and when testing is complete, the technology that will be discovered and perfected in the prototype will go on to underpin all-electric sports car products that Apollo Future Mobility Group plans to create. While Apollo says that the design of the prototype doesn’t necessarily suggest what a future electric Apollo sports car might look like, the “broad dimensions and aerodynamic characteristics” are those of what Apollo deems to be a proper electric sports car. Apollo says that the design of a future electric sports car from the brand will be informed by the design DNA of cars like the IE and that the first electric sports car concept from the brand is planned for Q4 2022 reveal.

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Source: Apollo Future Mobility Group