Mercedes-AMG puts its greatest performance heroes to the test… against each other.

The pinnacle of the Mercedes-AMG lineup is represented by two legendary cars, the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series, and the Mercedes-AMG ONE, two cars that are absolutely incredible for their innovation and engineering with no corners cut when it comes to performance. In one of the most epic displays of performance imaginable for both of these cars, Mercedes-AMG pitted them against each other, with AMG Performance driver Nico Bastian at the wheel of the ONE, and five-time DTM champion Bernd Schneider at the wheel of the GT Black Series. With a kilometer (0.62 miles) ahead of them, the two cars duked it out.

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Unsurprisingly, the Mercedes-AMG ONE came out ahead, but the GT Black Series isn’t to be discounted for its performance, approaching speeds of 170 mph as it traveled the short distance. The Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series is an incredible car, but with the Formula-1 derived powertrain and engineering throughout the Mercedes-AMG ONE, a new era of hypercar performance is shown. With its straight-line performance proven, all that’s left to see is what the Mercedes-AMG ONE is capable of on the track.

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Source: YouTube/Mercedes-AMG