Dinner was carried out with the same precision that Ettore Bugatti applied to the engineering and design of his cars.

While Bugatti’s heritage is is built upon iconic hypercars that helped shape the automotive industry, the brand prides itself on delivering its clientele a luxury experience like no other. Founder Ettore Bugatti further enhanced Bugatti ownership with gatherings at the Château Saint Jean, a magnificent property acquired by the Bugatti family in 1928 as a place to welcome welcome guests, customers, racing drivers and family. The château was first built in 1857 by the Wagen de Geroldseck family, where 20th Century elite would come for lavish dinner parties. Although only a privileged few have had the opportunity to visit and stay at the Château Saint Jean over the years, Bugatti is proud to open its doors to specially selected guests for a special ‘One Night at The Château’ event.

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Isolated on 57-acres of land, the Château’s expansive accommodations allow guests to enjoy the luxurious environment created in the spirit of Ettore himself. A large transparent geodesic dome is constructed in the back to give those in attendance a warm and comfortable view of the natural surroundings. During their one-off ‘Night at the Château’ guests rode in a Bugatti Type 51, bearing witness to the cracked leather that results from a lifetime of continued enjoyment. The ride of a lifetime continues with extreme sensations from the Chiron Super Sport, transforming guests into genuine Grand Prix racers. Other areas of the property showcase aspects like Bugatti’s extensive configuration process, as well as its grand portfolio of additional luxury accessories. This very special day ends in the open sky dome, settling in for a night under the stars, surrounded by a forest of oak trees. From pristine landscape to Ettore’s self-engineered pasta machine, guest can expect to be fully immersed into Bugatti’s prestigious lineage. View all current Bugatti inventory for sale on duPont REGISTRY by clicking on the link below. Check back into duPont REGISTRY for more upcoming luxury lifestyle and automotive news.


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