Presented by Verijet.

Sustainable development concepts are spreading throughout society today. Earth’s human inhabitants realize the importance of taking care of the planet, acting on climate change, reversing past environmental degradation, learning how to produce and consume more sustainably, and managing resources more equitably for present and future generations.

Verijet is at the forefront of sustainable aviation. There has been much press about how aviation continues to grow and how, without change, it will continue to contribute increasing amounts of greenhouse gases (GHG) to the atmosphere. While many carriers have discussed and “pledged” to improve their sustainability practices, Verijet is one of the few showing results today. Verijet is already one of the most sustainable air mobility operators. All Verijet flights are 100% carbon neutral. Our clients and passengers can fly safely and conveniently without environmental guilt. We are not pledging to do it; we are doing it today!

Here are the facts about flying sustainability with Verijet:

  • At the start, Verijet committed to radically reducing private air travel's carbon and noise pollution and being the best airline for the planet.
  • Verijet is an active participant in environmental conservation and sustainability practices. Verijet is a member of organizations dedicated to innovation and improved practices, including the Lindbergh Foundation and Forever Flight Alliance. Verijet supplies support to the Beneath the Waves Foundation. Verijet partnered with 4AIR and achieved a carbon-neutral rating. Verijet offsets the minimal emissions generated by its fleet thru the purchase of carbon offset credits.
  • Verijet’s fleet of new SF50 Vision Jets burn one-quarter of the fuel of other jets in the class. Less fuel burn = less carbon emissions.
  • Verijet flights discharge one ton less CO2 per hour of flight compared to similar size jets and as much as nine tons less compared to larger jets.
  • Vision Jets can fly on drop-in sustainable aviation fuels (SAF), which are 80% less CO2 intensive than fossil fuels.
  • Verijet employs A.I. and large-scale computing to optimally place and route aircraft leading to less time on the ground and in the air. Less travel time = less fuel burn = less carbon emissions.
  • Vision Jets can fly out of smaller local airports, reducing ground travel to and from local airports. Smaller airports require less taxi and hold time with immediate takeoff and landing. Verijet flies direct air routes between airports. All this leads to less fuel burn for ground and air transportation which means less carbon emissions.
  • The little carbon emitted by our fleet of jets gets offset via the purchase of carbon credits used to fund climate mitigation and climate protection projects, alternative energy and energy efficiency projects, and technology improvement and innovation projects in alternative fuels production, operations efficiency, eVTOL and similar.

So, what are you waiting for? VJET to your next destination with the assurance that you are helping protect the planet while enjoying the benefits of private air mobility. Give us a call today at 833-VERIJET or visit our website at