Bentley worked with design students to see what an earth-friendly luxury future would look like.

With its Beyond100 strategy, Bentley has put forth an effort to completely turn itself around after over a century of being one of the world’s most desired automotive luxury brands. From making cars that were notorious for being over-the-top not just in luxury and style, but also at the fuel pump such as the Brooklands, Bentley has made an absolutely radical turn towards sustainable luxury, introducing a range of hybrid models, dramatically improving its manufacturing process to be more environmentally-friendly, and promising an all-electric model that will come very soon.

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In order to see what the next steps of sustainable luxury will be even further in the future, Bentley looked to students at the Royal College of Art in London to design various concepts that have been shown at the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao and will be shown throughout Europe in 2023. The concepts all push luxury mobility further forward, with designs that holistically improve luxury and sustainability and ideas like a vehicle that actively improves the quality of the air around it, a vehicle that gives its occupants unique greetings, and a vehicle that can easily have its individual components replaced rather than the entire thing to reduce waste. Thanks to design students’ forward-thinking minds, and the commitment to sustainability from brands like Bentley, luxury can evolve and make for a brighter future.

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Source: Bentley