This new hypercar is born and raised at one of the world’s most legendary racetracks.

Racing doesn’t involve much luck, but this new hypercar promises the jackpot track experience, as it’s called the 777. The car and its manufacturer, 777 Motors, were founded by entrepreneur and collector Andrea Levy, and the car calls the famous Monza racetrack home. The number 7 is quite prevalent throughout the car, as it will cost ​​€7 million (roughly $7.25 million), has 730 horsepower, and will only be produced in 7 examples.

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The car enlists the talents of important names in motorsport, with engineering from Dallara, naturally-aspirated V8 power from Gibson Technology, and styling coming from Umberto Palermo Design. With a lightweight FIA-homologated carbon fiber monocoque and highly advanced aerodynamics, the car develops over twice as much downforce at 230 mph as it weighs, at just 1,984 pounds. The car is built purely for customers to enjoy on the track, and without any racing regulations, owners will be able to race the 777 around Monza in an estimated time of as little as 1 minute and 33 seconds. The 7 owners’ cars will be kept at the Monza circuit where they can be raced at their owners’ leisure, as well as at special events put on for them. While the car is not a hybrid, the 777 Hypercar will use synthetic fuel that dramatically reduces CO2 emissions.

While deliveries of the car will begin in 2025, customers will first receive things that will prepare them for the arrival of the new track car. The first is a device that will prepare owners’ necks for the 3.5 to 4 Gs of lateral acceleration it will experience in the car, and the second is an advanced simulator through which owners can prepare to drive the car. In addition, they will be granted access to professional training programs, usually reserved for the world’s top racing drivers. If you want a truly unparalleled Italian racing experience, the 777 Hypercar is your jackpot.

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Source: 777 Motors