The bold futurism of the Rimac Nevera extends far beyond the car itself.

The all-electric Rimac Nevera hypercar changes the performance world and shows us now what very well could be the future of automotive performance. Incredible engineering renders the car capable of producing 1,813 horsepower and 1,741 lb/ft of torque, doing the quarter-mile in less than 9 seconds, and getting from 0-60 in less than two. If you manage to keep your foot on the accelerator through that, you’ll be rewarded with a top speed of 258 mph. But with a price tag of over $2 million and a production run limited to just 150 examples, experiencing the Rimac Nevera is only within reach for a handful of people. However, Rimac is providing an experience that allows everyone to experience the Nevera in a unique way with NVIDIA Omniverse Cloud through the new 3D Rimac Nevera configurator.

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With amazing new technology, NVIDIA and Rimac are able to deliver the configurator to any device by streaming it. The stunning graphics of the configurator would be an incredible task for the average computer to run, but all kinds of devices are able to access it seamlessly through streaming. The result is a beautiful and unique configuration experience that evokes sci-fi fantasy and optimistic futurism. Even if you can’t get behind the wheel of a Rimac Nevera, you’ll be able to experience the innovation that the all-electric hypercar has brought to the automotive industry by clicking here.

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Source: Instagram/Rimac