It is hand drawn by Italian artisans carefully made in Italy.

If the name Pininfarina doesn’t ring a bell, then you may be familiar with its involvement in designing automotive legends like the Bentley Azur, Ferrari 250 GTB, Ferrari F40, and Ferrari Enzo. Along with its new Battista hypercar, the Italian design company prides itself on offering its talents to an array of other industries.

Pininfarina is proud to announce its newest collaboration with INKAR, featuring a collection of limited-edition phone cases that incorporate the finest materials available. Together, Pininfarina x INKAR creates an exclusive line of 99 cases for both Apple iPhone 13 Pro and 14 Pro models. Among the 99 cases, only 5 are exclusive redline silver cases, hand drawn by artisans.

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Every case is fully customizable and features its own engraved serial number to record its existence and authenticity. For customization, there are 5 colors, 2 lens leathers, and 10 plates made of leather, natural wood, carbon fiber, and aluminum, available for customers to select from.

The phone cases are designed and assembled one by one in Italy, and will also come with an NFT issued as a certificate. The digital key will give owners an exclusive membership with pre-order opportunities for upcoming INKAR collaborations. Although pricing has yet to be released, the limited-edition Pininfarina phone cases will be available soon through INKAR.

Source: INKAR