Exceptional culture, cuisine, and incredible cars created Tuscan memories to last a lifetime.

At the end of September, the roads of Tuscany echoed with the sounds of extraordinary vehicles while the halls of Four Seasons Hotel Firenze filled with vibrant conversation and camaraderie. These are the takeaways from Beyond by Four Seasons, An Exclusive Driving Journey Through Tuscany  – a week-long adventure of cars and culture curated by Canossa Events and Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. To say it was a success is a tremendous understatement.

The video at the top of this article offers a sample of the experience. A diverse group of enthusiasts ventured from Canada, the United States, India, Dubai, and Korea to enjoy the luxurious Beyond by Four Seasons experience. Spanning September 24-30, guests for this first-ever event enjoyed private wine tasting, fantastic cuisine, exclusive tours of venues typically closed to the public, a fabulous night at the opera, and much more.

Amidst these events, attendees soaked up the famous roads of central Italy behind the wheels of iconic modern and classic cars from FerrariLamborghiniBentley, Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, Fiat, and others. Smiles captured on video and in photos convey the essence of this bespoke experience.

Fortunately, there are more adventures to come. With Tuscany now in the rearview mirror, Canossa Events and Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts are looking forward to events in Europe and the U.S. planned for 2023. Expect a sweeping experience through Switzerland, France, and Italy, tackling the legendary alpine roads of the region. Across the pond, California’s Napa Valley will host more cars, culture, and camaraderie. Specific dates will soon be announced.

In the meantime, check out Cavallino Magazine for an in-depth feature on the first Beyond By Four Seasons experience in Tuscany, including a special look at the Ferraris of the event and an exclusive interview with Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts President, Christian Clerc. The issue comes out on December 1.

Sources: Canossa Events, Four Seasons Hotels And Resorts