The world of luxury performance SUVs is preparing to give way to a fire-breathing monster.

An electric fire-breathing monster, that is. Drako Motors, known for the immensely powerful Drako GTE, which used a quad-motor electric system to become a 1,200-horsepower four-door grand tourer capable of 205 mph, has announced that it will be unleashing the Dragon, a new 5-passenger hypercar that takes the GTE’s capabilities to an even more radical level. It takes the quad-motor system from the GTE and increases power and torque, upgrading cooling ability, range, and the capability of the inverters to handle this upgrade.

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If the specs of the Drako GTE were shocking to you, the Dragon will undoubtedly be even more shocking, as Drako says the Dragon is capable of 2000 horsepower through its quad-motor system, and a 0-60 time of just 1.9 seconds, all while carrying 5 passengers. The suspension is built for endurance and inspired by suspensions built to handle Le Mans, the structure is made of all carbon fiber, and Drako’s new DriveOS-based infotainment system and instrument panel displays, along with sumptuous materials and refined design make the new Drako Dragon a car that combines the absolute pinnacle of luxury, practicality, and electric performance. Drako calls the Dragon "a new kind of hypercar," and says that it boasts over double the horsepower of its competitors, at the same price. As the full debut of the Dragon approaches, more details will be revealed.

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Source: Drako Motors