The Porsche Design shades that won the German Design Award for 2022.

Using its luxury lifestyle branch to bring sportscar design and performance to the fashion runway, Porsche Design creates sport and fashion collections that present head-to-toe styles to complement any 911 Turbo S Cabriolet spec. The designers at Porsche Design pride themselves on incorporating the same premium materials that go into production vehicles like the all-electric Taycan platform. Porsche Design is excited to release the newest addition to its line of luxury eyewear, the P’8937 Sunglasses. The P’8937 style comes as a reinterpretation of the unique Porsche Design Iconic Hexagon pair from 2020, blending classic and modern aspects to create the ultimate summer shades.

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The new Porsche Design P’8937 feature a square aviator frame crafted from milled titanium, giving the sunglasses a striking stealth-like look. Assembled individually by hand, each pair includes VISION DRIVE polarized lenses that keep away bothersome reflections during any on or off-track driving. The P’8937 Collection comes available in an array of unique frame and lens color combinations, including black/brown, titanium/black/green, gold/black/grey, and dark grey/black/dark blue. The all-new Porsche Design P’8937 Sunglass Collection is currently available starting at $610 by clicking on the link below. Check back into duPont REGISTRY for more upcoming luxury gear releases and supercar news.


Source: Porsche Design