Reservations are now open.

Ever since Drako Motors announced their new Dragon super SUV, we've been waiting to learn more about this monumental model. Now, new information has just dropped regarding the Drako Dragon and it's most definitely good news.

First up, Drako has announced that reservations are open for the Dragon. For $500, you can reserve a standard Dragon from the automaker's website. If you're quick you can also drop $5,000 and reserve the Dragon First Edition, a new trim model that was announced alongside the reservations opening up.

The Drako Dragon First Edition is limited to just 99 examples, making it extremely limited. Those who reserve a Dragon First Edition will be able to personalize their example to their liking, including choice of interior materials, color, and trim. Each First Edition will also come with a carbon fiber exterior package that is unique to the variant, as well as a plaque with a serial number, and a custom titanium and carbon fiber key fob.

No matter which Drako Dragon you order, you'll still get a groundbreaking super SUV that packs 2,000 horsepower. That's enough power for a 0 to 60 mph time of just 1.9 seconds and a quarter-mile time of 9 seconds.

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Source: Drako Motors