As Ferrari travels in a new direction, freedom of expression comes with it.

The new Ferrari Purosangue is a vehicle that marks many firsts for the Ferrari brand, as its first SUV, first four-door, and first vehicle with four individually adjustable seats. However, quite a few aspects of the Purosangue are business as usual for the Ferrari brand, like the V12 engine, even weight distribution, racing-ready innovation, and technology throughout. Most visibly is the level of customization that few brands are able to match, and to show off just how unique each Purosangue owner can make their Ferrari SUV, the brand has revealed an online configurator where visitors to the website can customize their very own virtual Ferrari Purosangue.

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Besides the fact that car configurators can be quite the fun way to pass the time for any car enthusiast, the new Ferrari Purosangue configurator is a great demonstration of the details that can be specified, from the roof to the carpets to the exhaust pipes. With the attention to detail that only an exquisite brand like Ferrari can offer, the new Purosangue configurator continues to show off the fact that when Ferrari does a luxury performance SUV, or anything for the first time, it’s done in a way that way no other brand can do it. Visit the configurator here, and build your dream Ferrari Purosangue SUV.

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Source: Ferrari