Bugatti has its roots in one of the most important values: family.

Bugatti has some of the richest roots in the entire automotive industry, as it started as a family business, and not just any family business, but one from the Bugatti family, which even before the success of the incredible automotive brand, was known for being full of artists. Ettore Bugatti was born into that family of artists and decided to venture toward bringing that artistry to cars and creating an entirely new legacy that would endure for generations as it has. To do that, he enlisted the help of his son, and today, Bugatti is one of the most revered names in the entire automotive industry throughout its history.

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The final iteration of the Bugatti Chiron, the Chiron Sport L’Ébe, was inspired by Ettore’s oldest daughter, and its gold highlights throughout reference the exquisite beauty of the Art Deco era in which she lived. The customer who took delivery of the third and final Chiron Sport L’Ébe showed a similar passion for family to the one that the Bugatti brand has itself, as his brother was inspired to specify his own Bugatti Chiron Sport with the same gold accents to be paired with a body finished in red and black carbon fiber. Even after over a century, family is still one of Bugatti’s central values and part of what makes the brand as excellent as it is.

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Source: Instagram/Bugatti