Pagani has revealed the project codenamed "C10" as Utopia, a new model that blends simplicity with a pure driving experience.

After plenty of teases, the new Pagani Utopia has been revealed as the Italian automaker's latest model. The name for this new Pagani comes from Thomas More's 1516 book, Utopia. Since that book, people have used the word to describe the ideal place or environment that can only be dreamed of. For Pagani, they believe they have created their ideal model with the Utopia.

When designing the Utopia, Horacio Pagani asked his closest clients about their wishes for a new model. Their answers revolved around three terms: simplicity, lightness, and the pleasure of driving. Through a litany of special considerations and design features, Pagani has certainly followed through with those requests.

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For the Pagani Utopia, the designers went for beauty found within simplicity. Unlike many newer supercars on the market, the Utopia has few aerodynamic components yet it is still incredibly efficient thanks to its flowing and curvaceous lines. Pagani's designers also took inspiration from objects from the 1950s like a Vespa scooter and Riva speedboats.

Underneath the paint finish of each Pagani Utopia is a new A-class carbon fiber that the automaker created specifically for the bodywork. This new carbon fiber provides an additional 38% of stiffness while retaining the same density. Pagani is known for these types of advancements in materials, with Carbo-Titanium and Carbo-Triax being their other inventions in the realm.

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In the rear, the Pagani Utopia's engine can be found, a twin-turbo 6-liter V12 engine built by Mercedes-AMG. Producing 864 horsepower and 809 lb-ft of torque, the Utopia is an absolute powerhouse with a beautiful appearance. Unlike many recent models that contain this much power, the Utopia is no hybrid vehicle. This decision was made to keep the powertrain simple and the overall weight down.

Pagani also ensured that the transmission was on the same page, opting for either a pure seven-speed manual or seven-speed transversal automated manual transmission from Xtrac. Pagani notes that the latter transmission is the "quickest shifting gearbox with helical gears possible." Laying down power sent by the transmission are 21-inch wheels in the front and 22-inch wheels in the rear. These forged wheels feature a turbine design that pulls hot air away from the brakes and helps with turbulence.

Inside, the Pagani Utopia's concept of simplicity continues. Instead of filling the instrument cluster and center console with touchscreens and digital displays, Pagani went for a more analog route. In fact, there are no screens inside the Utopia aside from the small display in front of the driver. The result is a beautiful interior that keeps the driver focused on the road ahead.

Just 99 examples of the Pagani Utopia are planned for production, but a price or estimated delivery range has yet to have been announced.

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Source: Pagani Automobili